If you feel more comfortable  learning from a distance then  I am able to coach you through Zoom sessions from the beginning to more advanced photography and post processing practices. 
These one on one zoom session can be at any time that suits you during the week or weekend.
We can discuss camera techniques and how to be creative with your camera or we can delve into Photoshop and work in detail on understanding Photoshop and how to get the most out of post processing.
I will show you examples of what we can do to images. We will then move onto you working at your own pace on images of your own with my guidance. I have found from experience that actually working on your own images with your own vision for these images is the best way to take on board new processes. 
These sessions can be individual sessions or we can set a regular time for you to do continued learning.
$60 FOR ONE HOUR | $100 FOR 2 HOURS |

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